Black Legion Goblin wearing a “lorica segmentata
Dere’s nuthin in life as proper as hunt’n from da back of a ‘ard taught wolf. Dere speed an’ grace makes da world flow by as a stream. Prey who manage to give a good fight’n die with some dignity are way better dan does wot scream and soil der britches, but I take whatever I catch all da same…

—Brodai, Hobgoblin Warrior[1a]

The Hobgoblins are a distinctive sub-species of plain-dwelling Goblins that are found only within the lands to the far east, in the rolling untamed plains of the Eastern Steppes, where lies the domains of Hobgobla Khan and his Hobgoblin Empire, the greatest Greenskin empire in the known World. The Hobgoblin race are considered traitors by all of their Greenskin cousins, not because of their unbelievably treacherous nature, but by their treacherous betrayal of the Greenskin Uprising of Zharr-Naggrund.

This ultimate betrayal of their entire race and their inability to even trust even each other has ensured that the Hobgoblins have become utterly enthralled to the brutal protection and patronage of the Chaos Dwarfs, making them in many ways the perfect slaves.

Though hated by their kin, the Hobgoblins are nonetheless the scourge of the steppes; feared, hated and powerful in almost equal measure. Hobgoblins are widely abhorred for their cruelty, wickedness and their appalling standards of hygiene. Few Imperial Scholars would be perverse enough to note the importance differences between an ordinary Goblin and a Hobgoblin, and the truth is that the two sub-species are really quite similar.



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